The Mission of the Shreveport Bossier African American Chamber of Commerce (SBAACC)  is to serve as the Premier Voice in Northwest Louisiana for the growth of African American Businesses and the Community at-large through Advocacy, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Empowerment”. Our Vision is to  be the Ultimate Resource for African American  Businesses. Here is Our Approach:

  • Provide more business-related support and education.
  • Provide more visibility for our business community.
  • Foster a climate of support and trade of African American businesses between themselves.
  • Leverage relationships and cultivate synergies between businesses.
  • Leverage community organizations with common economic development interests.
  • Develop a network with other similar organizations in the state, region and nation.

We are always so excited when an organization or individual chooses to invest in the SBAACC because they are investing in more than a mere organization. They are investing in a network, a community, and themselves. SBAACC strives to “help our businesses do more business”. We do so by providing increased visibility for our business community and by fostering a climate of support and trade for our members – both within and outside of the Chamber.

SBAACC members offer a myriad of services. We are bankers, engineers and educators. We are strategists, lawyers, and public administrators. We operate beauty salons and barber shops… and we provide childcare services and mentoring programs for our community’s youth. We are restaurateurs and accountants…event planners, entrepreneurs and so much more.  Together, we are a mighty network of over 100 business leaders and professionals. Whether you are a current or future SBAACC member or partner, we invite you to continue to march with us beyond our 75 years of impact.  This is your chamber and it works most effectively when we work it together.  So, take an active role in your chamber today.


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  • 2017 SBAACC Business Directory

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